Viva Cuba! – citta design

1: hammock, 2: fish towel, 3: magnolia candle, 4: cushion, 5: vase, 6: domino cusions.

As you know, here at Jackie Magpie, we love to travel. But of course this is not always possible (unless I win the lottery and retire young – you never know.) So this morning, let’s take a little imaginary trip to Cuba, via New Zealand. Not exactly a direct route but bear with me…
This morning I stumbled upon the vibrant designs of Citta, a New Zealand based studio selling gorgeous colourful bits and pieces with nothing white and minimalist in sight. Just how I like it! Each season, the designers sit down together and a pick a city of inspiration on which to base their entire collection and this winter, I am delighted to see they have chosen to research the patterned tiles, textiles and tropical plants of Havana, Cuba.


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