Kat Macleod & Michi

I have long admired the colourful, watery fashion illustrations by Aussie artist, Kat Macleod. So I was excited to see that Kat is unveiling a new set of original collage illustrations and prints in her native Melbourne at The Gallery at Chadstone this week. Best of all, today (12-2pm) she will be at the gallery herself to sign things and say hello, so if you happen to be down under, get over there and meet the lady herself.

In one of my frequent trips down the rabbit hole that is the internet, I discovered the Michi Shop (via Kat’s website.) Apparently, ‘Michi is a fictional weather girl and fashion commentator created by Chloe Quigley and Daniel Pollock. She writes a daily email newsletter that reaches the inboxes of tens of thousands of people around the world every day.’  Intrigued? Me too. I’m signing up for that one.
As well as blogging about fashion and writing a couple of beautiful books, ‘Michi’ has a shop that sells an equally random selection of paper goods, jewellery, homewares and clothing. I love this orange raindrop cloud pillow (above.)

Like I give a frock by ‘Michi.’ – illustrated by Kat Macleod.


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