Monochrome Christmas Wish List

I often find myself drawn to things that are black and white. So I was pretty excited when my friend Kwame showed me his lovely blog, Shirotokuro, which showcases a collection of beautiful photography and graphic design that is purely monochrome. The name is from the Japanese – Shiroi to kuroi – that means black and white. So simple. Inspired by this, here is my own collection of stunning design finds in black and white, just in time for last minute Christmas shopping….

1. It’s Ok Banner – Ashley Anna Brown, 2. Mug – Camilla Engdahl, 3. Pompom necklace – Napa books, 4. Napkin rings – Anthropologie, 5. Chocolate – Alice Chocolate, 6. Origami Purse – Howkapow, 7. Cushion – Marimekko, 8. Pine cushion covers – Fine Little Day.
 And there are a few more lovely black and white finds on our Pinterest page, here.


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