Affordable art #4 – Judy Kaufman

I just found this amazing ‘identical twins’ print by talented Chilean artist Judy Kaufman (she’s a twin herself.) At just $25, this would make such a perfect gift for any twin… But I guess you’d have to buy two then! Judy lives in Barcelona, teaches drawing classes and adorns tshirts, books, iphone covers and more with her wonderful, humourous illustrations and signature bold colour palette. I am also a big fan of her ‘famous’ series which features portraits of icons like David Bowie, Frida Kahlo and Batman! All her prints are available to buy from her online shop and are an absolute bargain.


2 Responses to Affordable art #4 – Judy Kaufman

  1. Love the inspiration I’m getting from your website and I love love LOVE the logo! :)

  2. Jackie says:

    Thanks Jessica. Happy to inspire. The logo was done by

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