Photo Friday – Annette Wilson interview

A big thank you to Sydney-based photographer Annette Wilson who sent over some rather lovely work for me to show you this Photo Friday. It is refreshing to see such personality, ambition and creativity, especially when I discovered that she is only 19 years old! Annette shoots portraits and reportage-style photos, full of warmth and laughter, at weddings and other occasions. From the intimate, candid shots on her website, always accompanied with interesting stories and creative ideas, we can tell this girl is going places…

Always keen to hear about fresh talent, we popped her a few questions to discover more about this Swedish-Maori lady with a fascinating family history and a blog brimming with visual and musical inspiration.

Tell us a bit about your sources of inspiration:
I have lived a life of mixed cultures- my mother is Swedish and has spent a lot of time trying to maintain a lot of traditional aspects of Swedish life within our home, most of which I was completely unaware of until recently. On the other side, my Maori Grandfather was an artist, but was far too poor to afford canvas, so he would paint all over the walls in his modest home. My Dad and his 7 siblings woke up one morning to a corridor painted with ginormous plants and flowers, so they felt like they were ants walking through a garden. I guess its things like this that inspire me most. Art and creation for the love of art and creation, the wonder it can create and the joy it can bring people. Minus any lame or cliche connotations.
Read full interview after the break…

Which other photographers and artists do you admire:
Robert Doisneau and Lewis Hine for their photojournalism work, Sally Mann for seeing her family in the darkest yet most peaceful way possible, Gregory Crewdson for his energy and dedication to his work and his art and the other-wordly pieces he created as a result. Ooh! I almost forgot a major inspirational source: Brandon Boyd!! Brandon Boyd is simultaneously my favourite artist, writer and musician.

The music you use in your videos seems to be very important to you and very carefully chosen. 
I draw a lot of inspiration from music – I learnt how to read music before words, at age 5, beginning violin lessons with the teeniest little violin you ever did see. After that I picked up piano, drum and guitar lessons. Led Zeppelin’s lighter folk is my favourite of all, freak-folk artist Linda Perhacs, as well as all the works of film composer Hans Zimmer. I also love Czech classical composer Janacek’s works. My music taste traverses the notion of genre and dances across decades.

What are your other hobbies?
I love cooking and am currently in the process of completing my first cookbook.
Also sewing, writing, collecting and thrifting, I have about 80 vintage cardigans!

Tell us a bit about your ideas and plans for the future.
This year I am honing in on my wedding photography- after exploring many types of photography, this is where I want to focus from a professional point of view as everything I believe in life boils down to family and love and devotion. Nothing contrived, just telling it how it is. In saying so, I will always shoot loads of personal work, and writing about life to accompany it. The art of documentation is fascinating.
This year I head to Sweden to complete a new photographic project (to be announced at a later date though..)

Annette is also working on a side project of charming video portraits – like this below.
Thanks for sharing Annette! xx


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