Affordable art #6 – MA + CHR PARIS

There is so much ridiculously good work in the portfolio of Ma + Chr, that I don’t really know where to start. The Paris-based studio, aka Mathilde Aubier and Christine Delaquaize, first caught my eye with their cosmetic overhaul of the trendy Parisian bar, Xème. Using a simple combination of understated grey paint, bare wood and a fresh but muted colour palette, the duo transformed the space into a gallery of artful collages and tactile, painted ephemera.

Launched in 2009, the pair have all bases covered – interior design, graphics, illustration, websites and textiles and they have worked for the likes of Perrier-Jouet and Orange. As if that is not enough, each has their own portfolio of editorial illustrations (Ma) and websites and other delights (Chr.) Mathilde sells her prints online for $30 – $70 and they are so pretty I might just have to go and buy one now!

This one’s going on my wall.


2 Responses to Affordable art #6 – MA + CHR PARIS

  1. kai kuper says:

    it’s a fun and inspirational site!
    Made me feel like redecorating my house.

  2. lovely collages, they remind me little of some Mario Wagner’s older collages and paintings

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