Dawn Tan – Good enough to eat!

Check out these whimsical water-colour illustrations I found, by the lovely and talented Dawn Tan. Originally from Singapore, Dawn is now based in Melbourne, where she creates a wide range of drawings, prints, sculptures and home accessories. Inspired by home-cooking, grocery shopping and sandwiches, Dawn’s creations range from simple still life drawings to some downright bizarre projects, such as wearable giant marshmallow sculptures and meat pillow cases! I absolutely love the mixture of quirky and cute she brings to her illustrations and how she makes every day products look so unusual and fascinating.

I definitely think I need each and every one of her prints on my walls. Aren’t they beautiful?! Dawn’s shop is currently being updated with new goodies but definitely check it out at a later date to grab one (or more!) of her gorgeous prints.

All images from Dawn’s website.


5 Responses to Dawn Tan – Good enough to eat!

  1. I just stumbled on your blog and I love it. Definitely a great find!

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  3. theaxx says:

    love dawn!!



  4. Great find Alison! I love the Marshmallow outfit, it’s mad. I like mad.

  5. Alison Owen says:

    I know I LOVE the Marshmallow outfit!! I kinda wish I thought of doing that!! :P

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