Down with the Kids –

If only this had existed when I was a teenager…

Launched in September 2011, Rookie Magazine is the brainchild of that unsettling teen fashion prodigy Tavi Gevinson (you know, the one who started her own fashion blog at the age of 12 to much critical acclaim – yikes!) Tavi, having now reached the grand old age of 15, is editor-in-chief of this hilarious and unique teen online magazine which covers all the typical stories on popular culture and fashion etc but with a healthy dose of more weighty issues such as feminism, religion and other important topics like tattoos, losing your virginity and How To Look Like You Weren’t Just Crying In Less Than Five Minutes.

“We post three times a day: roughly when school ends, when dinner starts and when it’s really late and you should be writing a paper but are Facebook stalking instead.”

Having started out as a collaboration between Tavi and a bunch of her blog readers, the magazine has a fairly epic list of contributors with varying qualifications including several students and scarily precocious teenaged bloggers, a candy store employee, a couple of musicians and a smattering of professional photographers and writers.

It is the kind of thing I would have LOVED at that age and makes the likes of Teen Vogue and Cosmo Girl look fuddy and mainstream.  The tone is quite witty and upfront about the cringe-worthy realities of being a teenager but at the same time probably quite comforting and authentic, like advice from a trendy older sister, rolling her eyes but ultimately sympathetic.

The writing is smart and the site is aesthetically pleasing thanks to a great layout and tons of illustration like these collages by contributor and student, Emma D.

I couldn’t resist sharing this little online gem with you, despite the fact that you are probably not its target demographic!

All images by Emma Dajska from here.


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