Evie Kemp brightens up our day

I love the use of bright popping colours with the dark illustrative style of British illustrator, Evie Kemp.  Now settled and living in Auckland, New Zealand, Evie launched her business in 2009, selling prints, clothing and home-ware, adorned with her distinctive, fierce animal graphics.

Today Evie gives us a little insight into her world of design and illustration…

What does a standard day at work involve for you? 
I work from home, either in my studio or (if I can get away with it) in front of the TV and switch my time between illustration, stocking, selling, maintaining my online presence, and freelance work. I possibly dedicate too much time to research & development and usually have recon missions and meetings to explore new ideas and options.

What other designers/illustrators inspire you?
I try not to be too ‘inspired’ by other designers or illustrators as that can become a dangerous game for a creative. I really like to get my inspiration from inside my head and other places in my world. I am however inspired by creativity, ambition and diversity within the art community. As for illustration, I love the work of Charley Harper.

What do you like to do in your spare time when you’re not creating cool stuff?
I’m a relatively recent adopter of yoga and find it works wonders for my bad illustrator posture and constantly whirring self-employed brain. My good friends Amy (clothing designer Victoria n’ Bird), Jenny (illustrator and poet A Little Ink) and I have started having nights where we get together for some no strings attached creative time. Lately we’ve been making papier mache animal head mounts. It’s nerdy but it’s fun to take the business out of it sometimes.

Interview continues after the break…

Do you have any hot tips to young illustrators or designs out there who are just starting out?
• Get involved with the design community. Never underestimate the support, advice and friendship you’ll find in people who have chosen a similarly strange life to you.
• Remember why you wanted to do it. Don’t get caught up in angst over messy accounts and dealing with a bad customer, take the time to sit and draw and fall in love with it all over again.
• Always remain true to yourself, your creativity and your originality even if at times it seems like an impossible road. It makes me so sad to see designers rehash others work because it’s been ‘tried and tested’, it’s not ok and it’s not sustainable.

What are you reading?
Ummm…. “The Broken Souls” by Jack Kerley. I’m a shameless crime addict (reading it I mean) but I probably wouldn’t rush to recommend this one.

Last (and most importantly!) Cake or pie?
Pie. Always. Banoffee, Lemon Meringue, Pumpkin, Pecan, Cherry. In no particular order.

Thanks so much Evie!

You can see more of Evie’s work on her site, snap up a gorgeous print from her Etsy shop, check out her rather lovely blog and follow what she’s up to on twitter.

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  2. georgia says:

    What a lovely interview, and the designs are wonderful. I want one!

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