Jacob love turns the world upside down

Happy Photo Friday! Prepare to see the world as you’ve never seen it before…

Perhaps if your name is Jacob Love, it is inevitable that you will become a cool photographer (or a country singer!) – but either way, it is with great pleasure that I stumbled upon his work via a new exhibition that opens in East London today. Jacob’s latest photographic project began with a spontaneous road trip in America, where he took these pleasingly disorientating landscapes – looming mountains turned upside down and seemingly void of any trace of human life. But Love also got to know people from the strange, colourful communities that live in this vast, beautiful wilderness and in his portraits, shows them both as part of the landscape itself and, at the same time, curiously out of place here.

Jacob has a new exhibition, ‘States,’ opening today at Dalston Superstore, 117 Kingsland High Street 20th April – 3rd June 2012.


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