Remade – Fashion with a conscience.

ReMade is a shop and studio in Leeds that offers workshops, events and clothing collections by in-house brand, Antiform.  I got the lowdown from Lizzie Harrison, the lady behind this cool, eco-boutique that’s all about fresh fashion for snappy dressers with a conscience.

Hi Lizzie! Tell us a bit about yourself, your background and you motivations.
I am a fashion designer with a love of fabric, handicrafts and living more sustainably. I saw all these amazing things that were going on locally and I wondered what a local supply chain would look like. Antiform is an experiment to see what happens.

Tell us about the philosophy behind Remade and Antiform.
ReMade in Leeds is a social enterprise which focuses on creating initiatives to help people to recycle their worn, unwanted clothing.  We run a repairs and alterations service, regular clothes swaps and upcycling workshops.

Remade’s partner organisation, Antiform, aims to produce beautiful clothing responsibly, so our customers can enjoy fashion without the ethical price tag. Antiform is a fashion brand produced by local makers with a very local supply chain using unwanted textiles sourced locally. We incorporate heritage skills and upcycle the fabrics we source.

We love the sound of your clothes swap! Tell us how it works.
It is so much fun! For £2 you can bring up to 20 items of clean, good quality clothing, shoes and accessories to the exchange. You get one token per item. The studio is transformed into a huge shop and you can spend as much time as you like looking through the clothing and trying things on. When you are done, you check back out with your new wardrobe and any left over tokens can be spent at the following swap. As people come and go, new things arrive all day, so you may want to take you time and have a cuppa and slice of cake in our kitchen!

Where can we find Antiform outside of Leeds?
Our full list of stockists are here and we have an online shop here.

Who do you admire in fashion?
I admire all the small, independent, innovative brands out there working so hard to make their mark and change the face of fashion for the better. I know first hand how hard it is to get going; we all should all support cool, independent brands.

What are your top tips for people who want to dress ethically but don’t know where to start?
1) The best place to start is with what you have got at home already. Once you can see what you have got in your wardrobe you’ll have more of an idea of what you need.

2) When you are ready to go shopping think about buying pieces that reflect your own personal style rather than just trends- this way they will last you last you season after season.

3) Try clothes swaps, vintage stores, charity swaps and car boots for second hand clothing.  If you  want to buy new look for recycled, upcycled, independent, fair trade or organic clothing. There is such an incredible variety of ethical brands out there now.

Thanks for talking to us Lizzie!  Now where did I put my sewing kit…

Photos from Antiform website, top image from here.


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