Got A Yearning for Learning?

Learning – something they forced us to do at school – where I was always a reluctant learner. But now, as we have become fully-formed adults, it has come to my attention that learning really can be can be fun.  With this in mind, I’ve been on the look out for engaging, creative, alternative learning projects taking place in your community; get your pen and paper at the ready:

At Pub Art School (London) you can learn to draw, print and hand stitch in the informal and relaxed atmosphere of the public house.  With a glass of wine in your other hand, you should find your inhibitions sufficiently loosened to allow your creativity to really flow.  A great way to make new friends too.

Sweat Shop is a sewing café in Paris, where sewing machines can be rented on a super informal basis, so you can sew and drink café au lait to your heart’s content.  There are workshops too, for complete beginners as well as more experienced tailors.  And often a designer-maker from a big fashion house drops in to teach a one off workshop, making this place sound even more hip and deliciously Parisian.

Back in London, the Guardian newspaper runs masterclasses on a whole range of topics, from photography to songwriting.  I particularly like the sound of Reinventing Magazines, in which big bods from the mag industry teach people how to build a magazine and the future of magazines in the digital age.  By and large the courses have a practical application  – they are about doing and not just thinking.

I love the library!  A first class destination if you have the yearning for learning but no cash to splash. Love your library; what with Kindles and Amazon it’s probably feeling neglected.  At the British Library, you can Adopt a Book and help to support the librarys work.

All this learning about learning is giving me brain ache. That means my brain is growing doesn’t it? I’d better give it a rest and go and watch the telly.
Till next week Magpies!

Images from here / here and here.


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