Here & There – Breakfast

LONDON / Jemima - Working in Covent Garden you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to breakfast choices… Dishoom? The Ivy, anyone? But at 8am, and with a chaotic work day ahead, there’s really only one option: a steaming cup of delicious, caffeinated happiness from the best coffee shop in the city.

LEEDS / Lizzie - Saturday breakfast at Chez Lizzie, typically accompanied by black coffee and the BBC news.  My BF is the in-house chef and has devised the perfect system for a runny yolk.

ABU DHABI / Kate - I’m feeling quite pleased with my omelette-making skills today. I should have started work by now but I think you can see where my priorities lie this morning!

MELBOURNE / Alison - Every morning for breakfast (without fail!) I brew a pot of peppermint tea in my fav orange teapot. It’s the best start to the day.

LONDON / Alice - Nothing like tea, toast and marmite in the morning…


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