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Dear Magpies, after a couple of rather stunning interviews, * takes a bow * let me just tell you that this week there is no interview – but fear not, since the feelers are very much out for another epic one very soon. So today, instead, I reveal to you another of my favourite things: the humble magazine. Here are a few not to miss:

Oh Comely! - When I spied a copy of this periodical for the creatively curious on the shelves of my nearest magazine retailer, I quickly realised I was going to have to make it mine. There are interviews with artistic types, nostalgic stories, divine illustrations, even a cake recipe. The whole affair has a gentle, unassuming, welcoming feel about it. If this magazine was a person, I’d want her as my new best friend.

Anorak – Anorak purports to be for children but it’s so good looking that I would prise it out of the tiny, sticky fingers of my child (if I had one) and adorn my walls with the images contained within.

It’s Nice That – A magazine that champions newcomers in the worlds of art, design and other arty pursuits in a delicious creative casserole kind of a thing. Quite slick looking on posh paper with properly decent photographs and interesting features, this is not so much a magazine as a dictionary of what and whom is hot right now.

Mono – More of a ‘zine than a magazine, Mono is a free paper I happened upon on a recent visit to London. Delightfully mysterious (the strong, silent type,) Mono only contains photos and is free of words. The paper is a disposable work of art in it’s own right as each issue is selected by a different artist or curator.

Stack (also available in the US) – An outstandingly good idea, Stack is a subscription service where every month you will receive a different independent publication in the post, and it most likely won’t be something they stock at your local shop. Ideal for people who, like me, are perpetually anxious that they are only entitled to a finite amount of time on earth and need to see as much as possible while alive. And they stock Little White Lies which is another firm favourite of mine (gorgeous illustrated covers and everything-you-ever-need-to-know-about films.)

As I look at the list of brilliant, clever publications compiled above I realize how dramatically my taste has improved with age. The first magazines I recall buying were about horses; I was soon to discover that I preferred looking at pictures of horses as opposed to being near them in real life, since they seemed to harbour untold horrors behind their dark eyes. As puberty struck, I turned to Just 17 for solace. Being still ‘sans boyfriend’, I was mainly interested in the horoscopes, which I tore out, stuck on my bedroom wall and believed in with a religiosity I’m not sure I’ve rivalled since. The turning point came at college when I read The Face and realised with joy that there was such a thing as a sophisticated, grown up magazine that can appeal to girls (and boys) without telling them how to do their hair and lipstick. Although if you do have any advice on that score please email me. And apologies in advance if I don’t make next weeks deadline; you might find me in WHSmiths buried beneath a pile of glossies.

Images from their online websites.

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