New Weekly Column! – Here and There

Here at Jackie Magpie, we’re an international bunch, with writers in Australia, England and the Middle East. Whilst we remain dedicated to bringing you creative inspiration from all over the globe, it has come to my attention that we neglect to give you some insight into our own lives and the random, cool places that we live. So welcome to our new column HERE & THERE, in which every week we will each take a photo with a communal theme, to show you what is going on with us. Hope you enjoy it!

Abu Dhabi / Kate - I thought yellow toenails would look terribly chic and summery but from a distance they just look a bit mouldy.

Melbourne / Alison - Waiting for the train to head into the city. I’ve found that working from home you definitely need to get out of the house every now and then…

Lake District / Jemima - This week I’ve downed tools – and heels – and headed off for a few days of walking in the Lake District. Not sure this look would work in the office, but it is definitely de rigueur up Sheffield Pike!

Leeds / Lizzie – Here I am at the station waiting for the train home after work. These are my favourite shoes.

London / Alice - Cat-sitting on a lazy sofa Sunday.


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