Photo Friday – Sunday Suppers

Originally set up by photographer and stylist Karen Mordechai as a gathering of close friends in her Brooklyn loft, the tradition of Sunday Suppers has escalated into a community cooking and dining experience like no other. Now an official class – open to anyone – local chefs are invited to teach and the guests cook an entire meal from scratch using only local, seasonal produce. The sell-out events bring friends and strangers together to learn new skills and then sit down and eat the results in a fabulous informal feast.

Every ‘supper’ is exquisitely styled and photographed by the host, and the results can be seen on their website. It is worth a visit, not only to browse through the fabulous photography and salivate over the delicious meals (making me hungry right now!), but you can also book classes and read local restaurant reviews that pay as much attention to the aesthetics of each eatery, as to the food itself.

And if you can’t make it or (like me) live approximately 7000 miles away from Brooklyn, fear not! You can still indulge in the delights of this website by downloading the recipes for various mouth-watering meals (from the actual classes) online.

Right, this is all getting too much. I have to go and eat my breakfast now.
Have a marvellous weekend Magpies!


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