This Floats My Boat

Today I want to tell you about the latest artistic endeavour of performance artists extraordinaire, Lone Twin. The pair received funding for a very special project as part of Artists Taking the Lead, the cultural side to the London Olympics 2012, designed to balance out all that arduous, sweaty, sporty stuff.

Being largely without sporting prowess of my own, I am genuinely excited by Lone Twin’s contribution, The Boat Project.  They invited people from the South East of England to contribute wooden objects with a story, and built a boat out of them!  The result is like a giant, wooden version of luggage going through the X-ray machine.  I like how the stories of over a thousand people have come together to form a wooden, mobile, human-carrying encyclopaedia - a bonkers idea with a compassionate, emotive side.

The wooden objects donated by the public are diverse, ranging from a fragment of a guitar played by Jimi Hendrix to a Victorian policeman’s truncheon, via kitchen utensils, toys, a hairbrush and a coat hanger.

Lone Twin have produced a book with photographs of everyone who donated objects and their stories.  The boat itself is currently moored at Brighton Marina and from the 2nd of June she’ll be voyaging all around the South East. Go see!

Images from here and here.

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