Here & There – PAPER

LONDON / Jemima - There’s a shop in London, walking distance from where I work, that makes me happier than I can really explain without sounding weird. Shepherds Falkiners are a fine paper and book binding specialist who, among every type and colour of paper imaginable, stock this unutterably gorgeous screen-printed paper from Japan. It’s so delicate and intricate and beautiful, I often buy a sheet or two whenever I need an indulgent treat – though it’s far too pretty to actually use!

ABU DHABI / Kate - I made laser cut business cards and these are the remains. What shall I do with a whole box full of paper birds?

LONDON / Alice – Some ep sleeves of my mums from the 60′s which I discovered. I love the colours so much I put them up on my bedroom wall.

LEEDS / Lizzie - Today I went to the sculpture library at the Henry Moore Institute [in Leeds].  This place is such a brilliant resource for all those interested in art; the time seems to disappear while you’ve got your nose in a book full of pictures

MELBOURNE / Alison - My beautiful paper flowers from my husband on our first wedding anniversary.


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