Here & There – Shop Signs

LEEDS / Lizzie - Beautiful, day glo Call Lane Social, with a colour scheme that shouldn’t quite work.  Not strictly a shop…okay it’s a bar.  But this must be the loveliest signage in all of Leeds!”

MELBOURNE / Alison - This Vespa shop is just around the corner from my house, I absolutely love how they’ve utilised their branding on the entire side of the building. Brilliant!

ABU DHABI / Kate - Tailor’s shop hear Hatta. At night it flashes neon green giving her face an alien glow…

LONDON / Jemima - As well as being a super-cool, affordable restaurant that serves up mouth-watering food in the heart of London (try the Thai mussels – they’re to die for!), Belgo Centraal also rock this seriously cool sign-cum-window-cum-funky-metal-sculpture on their Earlham Street shop front.


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