Here & There – WATER

MELBOURNE / Alison - My trusty water bottle that is with me for most of the day

ABU DHABI / Kate - There are these crazy billboards on the beach that actually spray you with water as you walk past – sounds annoying but actually BRILLIANT.

LEEDS / Lizzie - This was taken in the grounds of Temple Newsam, a beautiful country estate near Leeds.  Like all Brits, I have abandoned everything else to bask in the sunshine this weekend.

LONDON / Alice –  Doing lots of watering of our thirsty plants now that the sun has finally arrived in London…

LONDON / Jemima - As the sun blazes over London at last, the national sun-is-out mindset is clear to see: strip off as many layers as is physically decent and find water. On a half-hour lunch break in the centre of town, the natural choice for me is dipping my toes in Trafalgar Square fountain, and admiring William McMillan’s powerful, striking mermaid sculptures.


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