Inspired by Leeds Photography talent

Ahoy there Magpies! This week I have been getting excited about photography. Recently I visited Leeds Through a Lens at Leeds Gallery, where I discovered some brilliant work by local photographers. I’d like to share some of the gems from the show with you:

Liam Henry has created a smart, intriguing series of portraits called Networking, depicting people in good clothes standing outside houses or in the park (pictured.) The project is so called because Liam met his muses via social networking sites. I also like his series called At Home, where he photographed his friends at their houses. Ideal for nosey types. Not like me. Okay, like me!

Jon Stanley Austin’s photograph ‘Christine’(pictured) was my favourite image in the show, with that undefineable sense of nostalgia, which might be real or imagined. And I like his Last Things photos; shots of obscure details and patterns out of context.

As well as brand new work, the show at Leeds Gallery included some iconic photographs by Peter Mitchell (above,) who gained fame in the 70s and 80s for the pictures he took of the demolition of Quarry Hill flats in Leeds. I like the quote from Roxy Music that accompanied his photos at the exhibition: ‘In every dream house a heartache.’

A final photography related treat I want to mention – it’s not in Leeds, but a lot of miles away in sunny Brighton. The Photocopy Club accepts submissions of photographs in the form of photocopies, with the aim of getting photography off the internet and back into the hands of the people, embracing the cheap and thrilling mode of image reproduction that is the humble photocopier. TPC have a blog too, filled up with images – see here.

Right, I’m off to take some dynamic pics. See y’all next week!


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