Photo Friday: Yassine Ouhilal

Who knew you could surf in the Arctic?!

Swapping the beaches of California for the icy charms of the far north, surf photographer Yossine Ouhilal has made a series of fascinating documentaries on the escapades of a group of intrepid surfers, hell bent on pushing their sport to it’s limits by braving the extremely cold waves of the Arctic Circle.

In his astonishing series of landscapes, portraits and film, the surfers tell their tales, awkward little silhouettes incased in insulated black rubber against this dramatic landscape. Yossine’s footage of the alien ‘thawscapes’ of land, carved and moulded by ice, highlight the effect of global warming on this barren wilderness, at once pristine and foreboding… Brrrrrrr!

Happy Friday everyone – stay warm! x



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