Stencil Skills by Flox Design

Happy Thursday Magpies! Today I want to share with you the gorgeous work of Hayley King from Flox Design. Flox was created by Hayley back in 2003 and has gone from strength to strength since then. Her portfolio contains both commercial work and tons of private commissions as well as photos of her gorgeous, ornate murals which have popped up all over the world. Her style is very distinctive in the use of florals and vines, as well as birds and tiki symbols from her native New Zealand, created with a mixture of acrylic paint, spray paint and pencils.

Most recently Hayley has started teaching summer school classes in New Zealand, sharing her knowledge on experiences and techniques that she’s learnt along the way.

“Experience is a powerful tool and is something that cannot necessarily be taught, it’s a skill that is gained over time and with dedication. I am grateful on a daily basis of where I am, so it is really important for me as an artist to give back now, share my knowledge and encouragement to help others achieve their own goals. I think on a whole, it is important for artists to create accessibility for others, as art is really there for everyone to enjoy.”

Check out Hayley’s upcoming classes if you’re lucky enough to be in NZ.
I would love to be involved in this if I was there!
You can also buy her prints online here, see more work here, or like her out on Facebook here.


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