A Beautiful Book by Lucille Michieli

A little package arrived for me in the post the other day. I do love a good bit of proper paper post – especially as I seem to spend about 70% of my day reading and replying to emails – and this one did not disappoint. It contained a little piece of magic by one of my new favourite creative people, French illustrator Lucille Michieli. ‘Qui va a la chasse’ is an original, limited edition, screen printed book by Lucille, telling the tale of a hunter and her prey in the artist’s bold and girlish style. Lucille is relatively new on the scene, having started her freelance career just 3 months ago, so I got in touch with her to ask her a bit more about her work, inspirations and her fascinations with foxes…

Tell me a bit about yourself and what you do…
When I was a child I wanted to become a prima ballerina or a traffic warden – (my mother didn’t approve.) But in the end I’m an illustrator and a graphic designer and I think it’s better like this.

What is your favorite medium to work in?
Even if I have a good relationship with my computer, my drawings are always made by hand. I paint a lot. I like line drawing – somethimes delicate or nervous like a child.
I love the imperfections. For me that’s what gives soul to a drawing.

What are you working on right now?
I’ve been freelance for just 3 months but I haven’t wasted any time. At the moment I am making illustrations for a nice brand, Emile et Ida. I have a collaboration with Johanna from Claudine & Compagnie (the project will be available in September – if you are a real girl don’t miss it!) I’m also working on a web site for design and fashion product but it’s confidential for now. And of course I draw, knit and sew, as always!

What is your fascination with foxes?
I love drawing animals. They are so close to humans. It’s like the games you play when you’re a kid -’let’s say you are a lion-snake-panther.’ But why the fox rather than any other animal? I don’t really know. Maybe because there is something beautifully sweet and wild about them.

Apart from animals, who or what inspires you?
Curiously, I’m more inspired by fashion photographers than illustrators. Probably because I worked in a fashion agency for 5 years. I love Tim Walker, Sarah Moon, Paolo Roversi, Camilla Akrans and so many more…
But all the stories that my mother told me every evening as a little girl and all the books I read later, that it’s my main inspiration.

Describe your perfect day.
Every day can be perfect, but all perfect days start with a cup of Mariage Frère tea and a hug with my cat.

Merci Beaucoup Lucille et bonne chance!

You can purchase Lucille’s prints right here.
A crafty mademoiselle, she also hand makes and sells these beautiful fox masks.
Oh and she has an awesome collection on Pinterest.

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