When I was little, my parents were always very good at providing us with rainy day projects, and we had an amazing and endless treasure trove of craft supplies kept in the pine cupboard in our kitchen. I think this bred my love of arts and crafts, and, while I currently don’t have space for such a cupboard in my flat, I do still have a craft box filled to bursting with paper and pens, glitter and sequins, glue and cutting mats, etc. I love making and creating things – if I ever have an idle few hours! And with the weather living up to all our expectations here in the UK, it’s not a bad idea to have a few rainy day activities up your sleeves. So this week, we offer you a selection of beautiful books to inspire you in all things arts and crafts…

Sew La Tea Do by Pip Lincolne (Hardie Grant Books)
Melbourne-based crafter Pip, author of Meet Me at Mike’s and Make Hey While the Sun Shines, keeps it cool with this brilliant gem of a book for the amateur seamster. The size of a small folder – and ring bound inside – this is almost a craft box in itself. Pip guides you through how to make twenty-five gorgeous items for you and your home, from a too-cute tunic dress to a shirt front cushion cover. And what’s more, all the patterns are included in a pouch inside the book! What could be easier?! I love the use of scrabble tiles for the title and section headings. And John Laurie’s photographs add effortless chic, style and fun.

Print Workshop by Christime Schmidt (Potter Craft)
Creator of the now global brand Yellow Owl Workshop, Christine Schmidt knows a thing or two about creative pursuits. In this gorgeous book, she takes us on a crash course of printing techniques, materials and surfaces, and gives useful tips on how to create labels, stamps, pillows, wall art… and even a deck of cards!

State of Craft by Victoria Woodcock (Cicada)
Proving that arts and crafts is not just for nanas, this book features contributions and interviews with some of the coolest “crafters” around, including Tatty Devine, Urban Cross Stitch, Prick Your Finger and DIY Couture. Step-by-step guides to create anything from pants to pin cushions!

Paper Cutting by Laura Heyenga (Chronicle Books)
While I am fairly convinced that I don’t have the patience or delicacy to be able to ever have a go at this myself, I absolutely love paper-cut designs and I think that they are the pinnacle of fashionable, gorgeous crafting. Laura Heyenga’s book should be enough to inspire even the butter fingers among us to pick up a piece of paper and a scalpel. The gorgeous blue and white cover – complete with cut away patterns on the flaps – is only the tip of the iceberg as Heyenga has compiled page after page of gorgeous paper-cut creations.


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