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This week is a rather pleasing mixed bag of books. Something for everyone I like to think. Fiction, food, boating frivolities – you name it, we’ve got it, and they all come with superbly striking cover designs to boot!

Polpo by Russell Normal (Bloomsbury)
First of all – yum! Since shifting offices at the beginning of this year from Euston Road to St Martin’s Lane, I am now just a stone’s throw from the heart of Soho. I love Soho, I have always loved Soho. It’s edgy, eclectic, and effortlessly cool. Plus it has more cool bars and restaurants than you can shake a stick at. Like this one – Polpo, Russell Norman’s hot new restaurant franchise, serving up delicious, laid back Venetian fare. And now Praline has designed their first ever cookbook, offering you a taste of Soho cool in you kitchen!
I love the beautifully detailed squid illustration on the cover – like something from a science book – and the sumptuous matte gold foil. What’s great and unique about this book though is that it doesn’t have a spine! This exposes the bright green stitched binding, and also means the book will lie completely flat when you have it open, all the better to allow you to admire Jenny Zarins’s gorgeous photographs of Venice throughout the book and salivate over warm duck salad or walnut and honey semifredo! Funky and functional – it’s win–win!

Come to the Edge by Joanna Kavenna (Quercus)
Set in the Lake District, this is a slightly strange, but brilliant, novel about the unlikely friendship between a suburban housewife and a feisty farmer’s widow. I really like this dark, energetic cover illustration that reflects the black satirical comedy of the novel. The brightness of the flames really stands out against the brooding blues and invites you to take a closer look.

Second Time Around by Erin Kaye (Avon)
Well, I think we have a certain clever Magpie to thank for this delightful cover. Erin Kaye’s heart-warming tale of love against the odds is reflected perfectly in this beautiful cover illustration. I love the asymmetric tree and the flow of the type and the branches, giving the illustration real vigour and life. But most of all I love the vibrant green and shocking pink set against the pale tree and the stark white background. So pretty!

Circle Line: Around London in a Small Boat by Steffan Meyric Hughes (Summersdale)
 Another beautiful blue cover for you today – and another work of non-fiction to throw into the mix. Circle Line documents the voyage of Londoner Steffan Meyric Hughes around our great capital in a small boat – kinda does what it says on the tin, right?! Along the way he uncovers fascinating facts and little knows snippets of history about the Thames and the surrounding city. Charming! And made more so by Rob Smith’s fantastic cover illustration, featuring some rather lovely line illustrations of London, and a dapper depiction of the author in, well…a small boat!


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  1. Lisa says:

    oooh thanks… some delights! Have just ordered the Kavenna from the library X

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