Collision of colour: Emma Gale

Hello Magpies! This week I am feeling very inspired by Bangalow-based artist Emma Gale. Her work is a fantastic collision of colour, pattern and textures in big, bold, simplified forms. I can definitely imagine one of these pieces on my wall! Emma often works with acrylic on canvas but also incorporates paper and collage to add depth to her work.

You can see her interest in pop culture icon Andy Warhol and folk artist Frida Kahlo as they feature in several of art works – alongside a few other familiar faces…

I love how Emma describes her work… “I draw on a subject not simply to show it’s quirkiness or beauty but to tell of it’s existence. My work draws from the rural landscape igniting my imagination and creativity on a daily basis.”

Emma has had a colourful career as an artist with a background in graphic and textile design. She also established Tukul Craft Workshop, a non-profit oragnisation in Cairo, Egypt that trains refugees in textile screen printing and design.

You can buy select works by Emma through Anthea Polson Art.

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