Here & There – Birds Eye View

FLORENCE / Jemima - This is the inside of the glorious Duomo in Florence. It was taken from a terrifyingly narrow balcony that runs around the outside and inside of the cathedral and is only open to the public once a year! By sheer coincidence, that was the day I was visiting.

DUBAI / Kate - This is the view from the tallest building in the world. Some days you can see clouds beneath you.

LEEDS / Lizzie - The block of flats where I live have an outside-inside mezzanine thing going on, perfect for nosy parker activity though the spyhole in my door.

MELBOURNE / Alison - This is the view from my desk. I love having a little loft office!

MENORCA / Alice - My friends Elinor and Guy, enjoying a chocolate crepe sitting on the edge of the harbour on our lovely holiday in Menorca.


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