Third Drawer Down Design Store

Hello Magpies! This week I went to explore the design store Third Drawer Down and The Museum of Art Souvenirs Store in Fitzroy, near Melbourne. So much more than a regular shop, this ‘storefront museum and place of trade’ actually comprises of a showroom, design studio, museum and retail space with carefully curated objects displayed and sold, sourced from leading museums from around the world, as well as some that are made in house.

“Our eccentric and witty taste of products by artists/designers and niche brands include crayon rocks, chocolate pie charts, giant corn cob stools, children’s art supplies, limited edition textiles, bed linens and publications that question the mainstream conditions under which art and culture are bought and sold.”

Abigail Crompton is the entrepreneur behind Third Drawer Down which, over the years, has evolved into a design studio that takes on projects both locally and internationally.
I love this collaboration with Louise Bourgeois that they did for the Tate Modern!

So if you’re in Melbourne, I’d definitely recommend checking out this unusual store. It’s full of beautiful treasures and some fun and quirky things for your home. I particularly love the work of Phillipa Finch, Kat Macleod and David Shrigley.

But if you can’t make it there, then they also have an online shop that’s worth a look.

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