Photo Friday: Jenny Zarins

I have been thinking a lot about holidays this week. Who am I kidding? I think about holidays pretty much all year round. This year we are planning to take a trip to Kerala in Southern India. Or maybe New York. Or Cape Town….or…..gah! There are just too many places I’m dying to go and waaaay too little time (and money!) So for now I will settle with travelling vicariously via the sumptuous photography of Jenny Zarins. Turns out Jenny has the ultimate dream job which involves photographing two of my very favourite things in the world – food and travel.

Now here’s a lady with a few stamps in her passport. From Morocco to Botswana, Antarctica, Peru, Mali and Mexico, Jenny has captured her globetrotting adventures for various magazines and publications. Check out the ‘stories’ section of her website to follow her journeys around the world – and prepare to be a wee bit jealous…


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  1. come to Cape Town :) love your website!!! Xx

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