Review: 101+ Things to do with Glitter

This fun, crafty read contains a huge number of rainy day projects, the star of which is, you guessed it, glitter.  The author confesses to a long time love of shiny stuff and her book leaves no glittery stone unturned.  There’s a history of glitter, a run down of all the different kinds available and lots of projects with step by step instructions on how to get a little glitter in your life. The projects are divided into categories, from fashion to homewares via food and gifts.  Who knew you could make glittery jam?! There are helpful guides to tricky techniques and the book as a whole would suit complete beginners and more seasoned crafters alike.  The authors enthusiasm for glittery craft is palpable among the pages and I like the books philosophy on keeping craft cheap and upcycling what you already own rather than buying lots of new materials.

It’s Blue Peteresque, ‘teen magazine’ look means it won’t be winning any prizes in the style stakes, but it will make a good educational resource for teachers and a decent addition to any creative hobbyists library.

101+ Things to do with Glitter is published by Vivays Publishing.
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