The Wallace Collection

As a Londoner it is easy to get somewhat complacent about all the cultural delights on offer in the city so it’s always a treat to spontaneously stumble upon a hidden gem. I was running errands in the Marleybone neighbourhood when I came across the Wallace Collection and decided to have a look around…

The Wallace Collection is a national museum in an historic London town house. It’s galleries contain of French 18th century painting, furniture and porcelain with superb Old Master paintings and a world class armoury. I passed a very happy hour wandering around absorbing the lush furnishings and wonderful paintings.

I revived myself with a coffee in the Wallace Collection Restaurant which is a beautiful glass covered courtyard, so peaceful and civilised I could have stayed there all afternoon. The collection is free to enter and my visit was a happy reminder of what a treasure trove of inspiration my home city is.


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  1. This is on my to-do list to visit! It’s oh so easy to take for granted as you say what incredible inspiration is on offer in our city, I also spent the day at the weekend soaking up galleries, events and new places and fell back in love with London!

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