Who is your favourite?

Hi Magpies! In this new series we like to call ‘Who is your favourite?’ I asked one of my favourite creative people who their best artist or designer is and find out more about their own interests and practice: Laura Gee’s favourite is Margaret Kilgallen.

LAURA GEE: I am an illustrator living in London. I create images that are snippets of time, heavy in emotion but playful too. I love experimenting with a limited colour palette, drawing weird faces, capturing everyday life and documenting my own story. I love creating work that I’m scared to show as it can feel so private or you feel you are baring yourself. It’s very rewarding when I receive messages from strangers around the world saying how my work has touched them because they can relate to these kinds of universal experiences.

Why I love MARGARET: Margaret Kilgallen was an artist from San Francisco who died from breast cancer in 2001. She created paintings, installations and murals which combined a heavy influence from South American folk art and hand drawn graphic typography. I find her work very inspiring as it seems like an inventory of her life, her influences, all with a subtle narrative flowing through it. In her large murals, female characters are depicted as strong and independent in everyday landscapes. Her work is beautiful, warm, emotive and like folk art, her story is there being passed on and explored by future generations.


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