Douglas & Bec – The Workroom

I’ve had my eye on the beautifully designed furniture by Workroom for a while now and was intrigued to discover that the talent behind this slick New Zealand brand is father and daughter team Douglas and Rebecca Snelling.

After completing a fine arts degree, Rebecca took a keen interest in her dad’s craftmanship and in 2008 they decided to bring together their talent and passion for handcrafted furniture and Workroom was born. Since then, they have also branched out into selling their slick furniture in a gorgeous online shop, full of carefully selected art and interior pieces by other independent designers. Everything is so exquisite!

I’m sure working with your dad isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but Rebecca sums up their partnership beautifully… “perhaps the greatest part of my partnership with my father is the fact that we can’t exist without each other. My ideas combine with his skill to create something neither of us could do on our own.”

If you are in Auckland, you can visit their actual shop or you can buy online here.

All Images from here.
Portraits by Sarah Orme.


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