Magic in the Mail: Not Another Bill

Does Ned Corbett-Winder have the best job in the world? Ned is a graphic design graduate who left his job in advertising to source gifts with which to fill the letterboxes of lucky recipients. His business Not Another Bill is a rather brilliant concept; it offers a service in which subscribers receive a hand-picked treat in the post.

Upon subscribing, expect to receive a carefully selected, truly beautiful and gorgeously wrapped ‘little something’ every month and to be introduced to loads of artists and designers you won’t have encountered before. Past delights include these maps in marbled envelopes from foldingmaps and these hand dyed scarves, the result of a collaboration between Ned and Scarf-Shop. You can even give a subscription as a gift and let Ned do the hard work of finding a pressie for that challenging someone in your life; you can still pretend you chose it yourself, of course…your secret is safe with me.


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