Pip & Pop: Sugar Coated Installations

Hi lovely Magpies! Today’s post brings together fluorescent coloured sugar and glitter to create the most fabulous art installations by Pip & Pop. Artist duo Tanya Schultz and Nicole Andrijevic (from Perth, Western Australia) spend their days creating these large scale fantasy worlds. Drawing on inspiration from folk and fairy tales, creation mythology, Buddhist cosmologies and contemporary pop culture, these installations captivate your imagination. Using the mantra ‘more is more’ there are so many elements to keep you engaged and mesmerised, I could look at them for hours!

The pair have exhibited their candy coloured work all over the world, from Australia to England, Germany and Japan. I would have loved to seen their ‘we miss you magic land’ exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art earlier this year. I think seeing this art in person is an absolute must so am keeping my eyes peeled for their next show. In the mean time, take a look at more by Pip & Pop here.


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