Who is Your Favourite?

Every week I ask one of my favourite creative folk who their favourite artist or designer is.
Amy Rhian‘s favourite artist is Bruce Lacey…

AMY RHIAN: My own work is really varied at the moment.  It tends to change depending on the environment I am working in.  I am doing a lot of painting and playing on my new Wacom, which I love.  I have a collage phase around once a month.  I also work with Hattie Newman a lot making 3D paper objects and sets for adverts and photoshoots which is fun.

BRUCE LACEY: I recently discovered Bruce Lacey at the Camden Arts Centre and he has raced to the top of my favourite artists list. My favourite pieces of his work are his assemblages of different metals and found objects; he often puts mechanisms in them too so they will move. I watched a documentary about him at the exhibition.  He is all about having fun with your work and being happy. Sometimes when you are trying to make a living from your artwork, the business side takes over and you forget to enjoy it, which is what had happened to me.  Bruce Lacey snapped me right out of that! I love his attitude and he is totally mad.


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