Who’s Your Favourite?

Illustrator Alice Potter chooses Peepshow Collective as her favourite band of designers…

ALICE POTTER: I am a designer and illustrator living and working in London, England. Big colours, strong shapes, and unforgiving lines continuously creep into my work. Lately that includes people, maps, and architecture, but I like to draw the natural world just as much.

PEEPSHOW: I have chosen a collective rather than an individual artist or designer. The collective is Peepshow, a group of 9 people who met at university. One of them was a tutor on my foundation course at Richmond, and I suppose that set me on a path to discover more. I have since seen their work at Pick Me Up in London for the last 3 years. They work so well together as a whole, but as individuals they have such fantastic styles, and such vast amounts of work. They aren’t afraid to experiment, and I want to learn from that.

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