Who’s Your Favourite?

Amber Grayson’s favourite artist is Nazario Graziano.

AMBER GRAYSON – I am an image maker from the slightly eccentric city of Winchester, England. Combining digital and handmade techniques, I like to create intriguing imagery that gets people smiling and thinking. I’m inspired by strange characters, bizarre documentaries, vintage fashion and odd found objects.

It is nearly impossible to pick my favourite artist, but someone I always go back to when I’m in search of inspiration is collage artist/illustrator Nazario Graziano. He is an Italian freelance illustrator, art-director and graphic-designer, who describes his world as “A dive in the past with Gore-Tex lifesaver”. For a long time I have been a big fan (very jealous) of his collage style work. He beautifully constructs new worlds using digital techniques with a hand made, almost tangible feel to them. It is easy to see Nazario’s old school influences because his work ignites nostalgic feelings of my childhood.

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