Welcome to the Magpie’s nest.  Run by creative professionals from the UK, Australia and the Middle East, Jackie Magpie is dedicated to the pursuit of visual, creative loveliness in all its forms.  We champion new talent, interview people who make and do, review books, shows and shops, travel to faraway places and we love handmade, eclectic and quirky. We find good things and we like to share.

Kate Forrester  Founding editor and site designer of Jackie Magpie, Kate writes for us all the way from the Arabian desert.  Living in Abu Dhabi (it’s near Dubai) but finding every excuse to travel further afield, she likes to visit new countries with dusty markets, cluttered streets and interesting smells. Despite working as a freelance illustrator (check out her typographic masterpieces right here) Kate is also particularly passionate about photography and is the creator of our Photo Friday column featuring her latest discoveries and the image makers who inspire her.  She is also the lady responsible for filling our Instagram page with intriguing images from across the globe. The rest of the time she can be found eating tom yum soup, swimming in the sea and working in her pyjamas.
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Lizzie Donegan is a morning person who likes drawing and making cards, obsessively researches other people who draw and make stuff, is good at spelling and not so good at maths.  Lizzie watches too much telly in her teeny flat in Leeds, West Yorkshire, loves going out for dinner and to the cinema and needs a haircut (but can’t decide how short to go). Curious (or just plain nosy) about where artists get their inspiration, Lizzie writes for us on art, design, and everything in between and as of November 2012, is very pleased to be the editor of Jackie Magpie.
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Jemima Forrester  Since moving to London two years ago to work in the publishing industry, Jemima has thrown herself head first into the fun-loving, book-devouring and wine-drinking world of commercial fiction. She is currently an editor at Orion Books, where she works on a stellar list of crime, thriller and women’s fiction authors that includes Harlan Coben, R.J.Ellory, and Ian Rankin.  Jemima believes books should be things of beauty that people can treasure for ever and decorate their homes with! She firmly believes in judging a Book by Its Cover and has a love of special finishes that would make a production controller cry.  In her spare time she likes soaking up the cultural delights of London and adding to her already vast collection of impractical yet fabulous shoes. If she could be queen for a day, Jemima would make everyone ditch their Kindles for real books, make the weekend three days long and declare gin and tonics to be one of your five a day. You’ll find Jemima’s posts every Tuesday at Jackie Magpie.
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Alice Stevenson is a freelance illustrator and artist. She also works in education, and currently teaches a botanical painting class at Core Arts in East London.  Alice resides and works in Hackney for various clients including Vogue, Random House and Marc Jacobs. When she isn’t working on commissions, Alice is busy drawing in her sketchbook and painting. Her current top inspirations are old Islamic maps, fossils and minerals and antique lace.  Alice likes watching music documentaries and escaping London for country walks.  Her favourite season is autumn and she is a lover of both dogs and cats.  Alice loves reading, quilts, pinecones, good cheese and thinks moths are more beautiful than butterflies.  Alice writes about illustration, art, fashion and more in her Creative London column. Alice blogs about Creative London every Wednesday here at Jackie Magpie.
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Alison Owen  Originally from New Zealand, Alison has spent the last 4 years working at a branding and design agency in Dubai. She is now based in Melbourne where she works as a freelance graphic designer. She loves to travel, drink coffee, take pictures, draw and collaborate with fabulous people. With a keen eye for typography and an incurable interest in creative culture, every Thursday Alison will bring you fresh ideas and creative finds from Australia and New Zealand.
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Jenna Round likes cherry coke, ginger boys, watching ‘My so called life’, triangles, adventures in Eastern Europe and making something from nothing.  Jenna writes our How To guides and is the talented lady behind Ding Ding.
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Sarah Godfrey  Mo and Andy’s eyes first met in an overcrowded Cleethorpes bar, the Dolphin. 5 months after they wed, Sarah arrived -1980.   At the weekends, young Sarah rose early and stared into 3D holograms that lined the walls of Darley’s nightclub, whilst her mother tackled the disco floor with a chemical array of cleaning products.  It was during this time Sarah developed her drawing skills, which her father duly spotted as she drew a circle (very well) without the aid of a compass.   Now a fine art graduate, Sarah continues to draw and make things and also writes short stories inspired by her eclectic career, friends and travels. Her writings can be found in publications such as CCA Glasgow’s 2HB magazine and Finger Forest collaborative artist zine, Nottingham.  Sarah has also written for art project space Rez-de-Chaussee, Glasgow. In her spare time Sarah enjoys watching ‘utopian films with primary colours ‘ and attending art and design exhibitions and events.  Sarah is the author of our Pattern Party.

We do not write about anything or anyone in exchange for money but if you have a shop/product/idea that you think might interest us, please tell us – we’d love to hear from you!