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SAND: generally associated with the beach; tends to get stuck between the toes and find its way into sandwiches. Guaranteed to linger at the bottom of your bag even though it’s weeks since you returned from Spain. It turns out …


What you looking at? Do you want a picture? Yeah ya do! Here are loads of eyes looking straight back at you….

CATEGORY: Pattern Party

One fine morning I woke up to find myself suffering from (in equal measures) dehydration and laziness. Believing green water was better than no water, I drunk the nearest available liquid, which had been clear (before I cleaned my paintbrush …

CATEGORY: Pattern Party

I was having a little meander around Etsy the other day when I stumbled across an absolute gem: Osborn Woods poster shop. I speedily set about discovering more on John Osborn and Charles Woods, a pair of graphic artists based …


Happy 2013 Magpies! I thought I’d kick off this year by introducing you to the wonderful stationery company Able and Game. Created in 2008 by creative duo Anna Blandford and Gareth Meney, Able and Game offer a fun, off-beat stationery …

CATEGORY: Buy, Design

I love the use of bright popping colours with the dark illustrative style of British illustrator, Evie Kemp.  Now settled and living in Auckland, New Zealand, Evie launched her business in 2009, selling prints, clothing and home-ware, adorned with her …