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Illustrator Lucy Driscoll got in touch to share her collages, which have a warm nostalgic feel, like a picnic tea and the Antiques Roadshow at your Grandad’s house on Sundays circa 1988. Here Lucy answers 5 pressing questions and reveals …


After an average kind of a day, I seem to have spent hours trawling the Internet for photographs by British fashion photo giant Norman Parkinson. With a career that spanned 5 decades, Norman would have been 100 if he was …

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Here’s something fantastic I found on the web today. The Grandma Museum is an online archive of all the gifts that designer Sarah Koik received from her grandmother as she grew up. The site is such a fascinating little treasure …


I first became familiar with Nick Ballon’s photography when I saw Viva Las Luchadoras! his captivating series of images from the world of Bolivian wrestling. Bolivian by heritage and a regular visitor to South America, Nick’s latest project is Ezekiel …

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As it’s getting a little chilly here in Melbourne I’ve been on the look out for cooking inspiration for some hearty winter meals. One of my favorite food blogs of all time would have to be What Katie Ate. It’s …


If you find yourself in the East End of London town over the next week, make sure you drop by the Whitechapel Gallery to see an exhibition of work by Karl Blossfeldt,  a pioneering early 20th Century photographer. A sucker …


I love these photographs by Lee Friedlander. He often includes his shadow or reflection in his pictures, which I like a lot- it’s sometimes comforting, sometimes sinister. Take a look.

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Most of us, I’d imagine, see a road map as a useful way of getting from A to B, the Yellow Pages as a means of finding a plumber, and a computer manual as something to be put in a …


I love these contemplative landscape and portrait shots by Alex Catt. Fond of flora and fauna, Alex is well travelled for his 20-something years. I like how he elevates the everyday to misty, moody, atmospheric heights with soft light and …

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Since Auckland based photographers A Couple of Night Owls launched last year, I’ve really admired their work.  I spoke to Danelle, one half of the creative duo behind Night Owls, and found out all about their adventures in photography. Hi …

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Today I want to share some pictures by snapshot-as-art pioneer, William Eggleston.  Because it’s Friday and I love his photos, their everyday-ness; the colours and light; the faded American dream feel of it all.  Find out more about Eggleston here. …

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To all our wonderful readers (honorary Magpies), M E R R Y   C H R I S T M A S & big congratulations on your excellent taste in blogs!

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Ahoy there Magpies! This week I have been getting excited about photography. Recently I visited Leeds Through a Lens at Leeds Gallery, where I discovered some brilliant work by local photographers. I’d like to share some of the gems from …